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The Professors Podcast with Paul Fabrizio and Don Frazier

Check out this fun, informed, and inspiring podcast on a variety of topics, historical, political, and otherwise from top-tier McMurry University professors. Plus, new, special guests every week!

Episode 16 – Enrollment Management with Guest David Heringer

Episode 15 – Mammalogy with Guest Dr. Joel Brant

Episode 14 – Germany in World War I with Guest Dr. Gary Shanafelt

Episode 13 – Rock and Roll Music with Guest Dr. Keith Waddle

Episode 12 – Sociology with Guest Dr. Jori Sechrist

Episode 11 – Texas Music with Guest Joe Specht

Episode 10 – History of Abilene with Guest Robert Sledge

Episode 9 – Space Physics with Guest Dr. Wayne Keith

Episode 8 – Windshield History with Guest Christopher Bartlett

Episode 7 – Mary Tudor with Guest Dr. Jessica Walker

Episode 6 – The Effect of the Crusades with Guest Dr. Jeremy Pearson

Episode 5 – Anglo-Saxon England with Guest Dr. Andrew Welton

Episode 4 – Texas Revolution and Republic with Guest Dr. Stephen L. Hardin

Episode 3 – Voting with Guest Sarah Frazier

Episode 2 – Where do we get our holidays?

Episode 1 – The Education System with Guest Tim Frazier

Pilot Episode